Book your camp appointment by March 3rd  to receive the largest savings and our amazing exclusive promotions!

Book your camp appointment by March 3rd  to receive the largest savings and our amazing exclusive promotions!

Ah, summer camp....

The two months of the year when children gain independence and self-confidence, create everlasting memories, and make life-long friends… away from their parents! Whether it is your first time sending your child to camp or you are a seasoned pro, Denny’s has got you covered! Our expert sales personnel make getting your child ready for sleepaway camp a breeze! Denny’s is your one-stop camp shop. Read on to learn all about what to expect at your appointment.

What is camp at Denny’s?

It’s the one shopping trip that every kid looks forward to… It’s the essential pre camp fun!

During your camp appointment at Denny’s you work one on one with one of our camp experts who will help you navigate through our huge selection of merchandise to ensure your camper has everything he or she needs, in the style that he or she wants, at discounts you will love!

First we start with your packing list to see what guidelines you were given from your camp. We then move right into the camp accessories aka the fun stuff.. trunks for packing & shipping, bedding & mats, bath & laundry supplies, storage containers, stationery, fans, water bottles and even trendy accessories to personalize your bunk. There are so many fun choices to make! Don’t forget to grab surprises to pack in the trunk when your camper isn’t looking!

Now it’s time for the fashion show… from tanks, shorts, sweats, bathing suits, pajamas, socks and underwear we have you covered and make sure you get the quantities you need. Don’t know why you need 24 pairs of socks, don’t worry we will tell you.

Don’t forget your color war gear, theme night clothes and a social outfit! Once you have made all your selections it’s super important that we try it all on… yes down to the last piece! Why you ask? because once we sew your child’s name into the clothes then they are yours and yes we sew labels on everything including all the socks and underwear! Camps require that all clothing have the campers name it.

Once you have completed your camp order it is packed up in a camp box and sent out for labeling which takes about 3 weeks as long as you have pre ordered your labels. Once it’s ready you will get a call to pick it up and there will be a surprise free gift in the box. Now all that is left to do is countdown the days till camp starts.



Denny's 2019 Camp Promotion

Book your camp appointment by March 3rd to receive the following promotions!


Save an additional 10% off your entire camp order​

Save 50% off ticketed prices on your camp trunk

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Let us label for you!


Who doesn't like free stuff?

Preparing for Your Camp Appointment

By now hopefully you’re ready for the ultimate camp shopping experience at Denny’s.
Here are a few tips to prepare for your camp appointment.

1. Book Early

Book your camp appointment by March 3rd to receive our amazing camp package. The best time to schedule appointments is between March 1st and April 30th.

You can book your appointment online or by stopping by one of our locations. To book your spot, we ask for a $50 deposit that will be used towards your purchase the day of your camp appointment.

For your convenience, you can leave your deposit online.

Go to https://shopdennys.com/collections/in-store-camp-appointments-2019.

Choose the location that you would like to do your camp shopping at. A manager from the store will call you within 24-48 hours to book your appointment. Or if you prefer, you can always stop by one of our stores to book your appointment.

2. Take Inventory

We will provide you with our suggested packing list for camp. Let it serve as a guide for what you will need to purchase. Before coming into the store for your camp appointment, we suggest taking inventory of what items you may already have at home for your child. Keep in mind that there are certain things that you have at home that you will need to buy additionally to send to camp. (For example, bedding, towels, etc.)

3. Find Out About Your Camp's Specifications

Most camps will provide you with their packing list. Often times they are very much consistent with our suggested packing list. Some camps, however, have very specific items that they require or prohibit. For example, some camps require a certain number of red shorts. Additionally, other camps have restrictions on what size trunks your child’s belongings may be sent in. Our camp specialists are familiar with many of these specifications, but we recommend finding out what your camp requires or prohibits prior to coming in for your camp appointment.


If you’re ready for your child to have the best summer ever, start by doing your camp shopping at Denny’s!

Want more information? Call a store and ask to learn about camp!



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